Pine in Particular....

Rustic Charm  

Country furniture was designed to be plain, soild and functional and was made for use in ordinary houses and cottages. The warm golden colour of pine is easy to work with when decorating a room and will fit into modern day or properties with age and character. Pine or deal as it was known in early times is such a diverse and versatile wood there will be something to appeal to everyone.

Foxy Lady Antiques and Interiors Posted by Foxy Lady Antiques and Interiors

A passion for antiques began as a young girl attending antiques auctions and Country house sales with my mother buying wonderful, timeless, elegant, faded and jaded pieces for our home. My interest blossomed over the years and a hobby turned into a full time working obsession where I gained invaluable experience managing a large reputable Antiques Centre in the Cotswolds selling to the general public and shipping trade on behalf of furniture and cabinet dealers.

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