Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

GDPR-Statement regarding how Personal Data is stored by Herefordshire Antiques.

The General Data Protection Regulations – A new EU Regulation that specifies how businesses must deal with your personal data.

Herefordshire Antiques does not process your data in any way and does not release it to any third party, your data held is only used to allow us to keep in touch with you (e.g. Name, Address and Telephone numbers). Additionally I may keep details of your email.

In all cases any data I hold will have been obtained from you in the first place, I never get information about you from any other location and without your permission.

I do not hold any data that you have not specifically given your authority for me to hold.

I never contact people in a work capacity via social media unless you have told me that is your preferred method of contact for business communication). However under the GDPR rules you can now specify how I contact you going forward.

I take great care with my client’s data and take all steps to keep it safe and inaccessible to anyone outside Herefordshire Antiques.

If I become aware that my data security has been breached I undertake to notify the relevant authorities and will make all my clients aware that their personal data has been stolen from my systems. If you as a client become aware that your data may have been breached then please contact me by phone on 01432 851666.

I do not retain any information relating to my clients on this website. My only purpose in holding your personal information is to contact you and to carry out the work you have asked me to do usually in relating to deliveries and stock requests.

Many thanks, Herefordshire Antiques