Supporting local business....!

Herefordshire Antiques is now well into it's third year with new customers adding to our footfall as we get more and more established.So proud we have 'returning' and 'regular' customers who 'pop' in from time to time.....even just for a 'chat' and to see what we have 'new'?Thankyou to everyone for ..


Join us on Sat 29th Sept 2018 @Herefordshire Antiques for our Antique Charity Valuation Day In Association with Radway Bridge Garden Centre. We welcome the 'lovely' Kate Bliss and the Brightwells Fine Art Team 10-4pm to value your treasures... £3 per item valuation, all money going to charity. Th..

Birthday Celebrations & a New Year!

Having a ball....or a 'Knee's Up'!!!! Mince pie's & mulled Cider with guest appearance 'Silver Birch' Shepherds Huts who certainly added a nostalgic twist and a trip down memory lane....what fun! A New Year and feeling excited what'll be happening in the future @ Herefordshire Antiques, come and vis..

Summer Sun @ Radway.....

Wow..... six month's down the line? We're buzzing.......our new Business venture here at Radway Bridge Garden Centre has so much to offer...... Spend time browsing at your leisure, we're open every day, check our website or Facebook page for details, Instagram and Twitter too! A..

Herefordshire Antiques....

After a very successful opening in December we're now into a New Year, Spring is on it's way and looking forward to exciting times ahead.....We're situated just four miles from the city of Hereford, plenty of car-parking, The Potting Shed Cafe, Radway Bridge Garden Centre, Watershed Auat..

The Grand Tour...?

Grand Celebrations...........we're open!!!!! Herefordshire Antiques & Interiors now open at Radway Bridge on the outskirts of Hereford. Come and visit a group shop selling a range of  English and Continental Furniture, Traditional, Decorative and Country. Kitchenali..

Rumour has it…..?

  We have the key to the door! Opening Soon www.herefordshireantiques.co.uk Herefordshire Antiques @ Radway Bridge Join us for a new and exciting Group Shop opening up on the outskirts of Hereford. Be part of a family run business, customer focused, website & social me..

I'm really excited !!!!!!   Fantastico......Herefordshire Antiques is joining Station Mill Antiques & Interiors, Chipping Norton,Oxfordshire. Inspiration and decorative ideas for the home, office and garden......open Mon-sat 10-5pm and Sunday 11-4pm. Discover some treasures..

Happy Birthday Ma'am...

A Right Royal Occasion! The Queen’s 90th Birthday is being marked with pomp, pageantry and celebrations around Britain and throughout the world. The date of the Queen’s birth was April 26th 1926 but traditionally she also has an official birthday in June every year. Let’s ..

The simple definition of a chair is a movable seat, with a back, for a single person. Furthermore, few people today are aware of the fact that for much of its history chairs go back through classical times to the time of the pharaohs — the chair was reserved for lords and bishops; ordinary fol..

The first dimensional chocolate molds, arrived, in France in the mid-1840’s. Stamped out of copper and silver washed, these molds ranged in size and made from two or more pieces, the molds were usually held together with hand clamps or clips. In the late 1860’s, the silver wash was repla..

Are you sitting comfortably?

How delightful this lovely pine chapel cupboard has a new home and fits perfectly in a corner of a stunning Georgian property in the Herefordshire Countryside. Much admired by visitors who call in it truly compliments a little nursing chair positioned at its side, simply&helli..

Candle candle burning bright......

Candlestick maker? Originally, candles were made from tallow, which was extracted from cattle and sheep, in the early Egyptian and Roman times. These early candles burned poorly and probably smelled even worse. The Roman Empire was the first to provide evidence of a candle that resembles the cand..

Antique mirrors were first known as ‘looking glasses’ and were first produced in Murano and silvered in Venice as early as the 16th Century, they were not made in England until the 17th century. In the 18th century there was a heavy tax on glass coming from abroad so old antique mirrors ..

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