The hallowed seat with listening ear

The simple definition of a chair is a movable seat, with a back, for a single person. Furthermore, few people today are aware of the fact that for much of its history chairs go back through classical times to the time of the pharaohs — the chair was reserved for lords and bishops; ordinary folk sat on backless chests, benches, or stools. The word chair derives from the Latin cathedra. Over the centuries chairs have become part of our everyday life and a much needed necessity, a favourite being the good old fashioned Armchair, comfortable and cosy just right for enjoying a glass of wine and a good book or checking out the Herefordshire Antiques website……ummm!



Foxy Lady Antiques and Interiors Posted by Foxy Lady Antiques and Interiors

A passion for antiques began as a young girl attending antiques auctions and Country house sales with my mother buying wonderful, timeless, elegant, faded and jaded pieces for our home. My interest blossomed over the years and a hobby turned into a full time working obsession where I gained invaluable experience managing a large reputable Antiques Centre in the Cotswolds selling to the general public and shipping trade on behalf of furniture and cabinet dealers.

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