Folk Art Fashion

Continental craze The recognition of Folk art came about in the 19th Century and was at first limited to the so called Peasant Art of Europe and attached to the simple life. Primarily utilitarian and decorative one off pieces were individually hand crafted using traditional tools. Folk Art takes ..

Antique Mannequins The first full-scale mannequins appeared in the 18th Century and were made of wickerwork often used for tailoring and dressmaking for many a wealthy client. It wasn’t until the 19th Century when Paris first opened its department stores mannequins were developed and man..

Decorative Delights

Decorating with Antiques can be a true reflection of taste and adds a personal touch to the home. It is often the smaller decorative pieces that complete the picture, the type of things that bring character, warmth and individuality. Eclectic, how charming, just our style at Hereford Antiques. ..

Patmore meets Beeton

While it’s all glamour and decadence upstairs, what’s going on below stairs? The kitchens were often the ‘hub’ of the household, practical, busy and glowing with polished copper and brass cooking pans in true Downton Abbey style. Stockpots preserve pans, mixing bowls, fish..

Rustic Charm   Country furniture was designed to be plain, soild and functional and was made for use in ordinary houses and cottages. The warm golden colour of pine is easy to work with when decorating a room and will fit into modern day or properties with age and character. Pine or dea..

Thonet Bentwood Coat Stand So useful in the home or office. It was Thonet who pioneered the technique of bending wood into curved shapes using steam. A design which is still being manufactured today along with the popular café/bistro chair which is a classic of Thonet’s desig..

Keeping it in the family.....

As well as our exciting launch today of Herefordshire Antiques & Interiors why not take a look at our other established website http://www.talltreesantiques.co.uk/ which offers an interesting range of traditional antique furniture from warm mahogany to rustic oak charm! Enjoy browsing.... ..

Brand New Website

I'm so excited to be introducing you to our new website....Herefordshire Antiques and Interiors! We’ve a passion for antiques with years of experience and built an online shop with Tony Brooks of InDesign, web design to put Herefordshire on the map in the Antiques world. It will cont..

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