Chinoiserie unique styling

Chinoiserie, unique styling or absolutely lacquered?

CHINOISERIE is a French word that means “in the Chinese taste”. It describes a European style of decorative ornament that was wildly popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and still looks great today. Scenes of the Orient abound on textiles, wallpapers, pottery, porcelain, and lacquered and painted furniture. Owning a piece of Chinoiserie (or, “japanned” furniture, as some pieces were called) was the height of fashion, we have a lovely example of an oval mirror at Herefordshire Antiques. The interesting thing about Chinoiserie is the tremendous range and variety of Oriental scenes and fantastical decorative details – Chinese people in elaborate robes with coolie hats, long pigtails and mustaches; intricately detailed pagodas with layer upon layer of fretwork, tassels, and bells; or monkeys, lions, and elephants in costume…..

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A passion for antiques began as a young girl attending antiques auctions and Country house sales with my mother buying wonderful, timeless, elegant, faded and jaded pieces for our home. My interest blossomed over the years and a hobby turned into a full time working obsession where I gained invaluable experience managing a large reputable Antiques Centre in the Cotswolds selling to the general public and shipping trade on behalf of furniture and cabinet dealers.

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